The Club

The Story


The Dallas Texans Soccer Club was formed in 1993 by Hassan Nazari, former 1978 World Cup and 1976 Olympic player for Iran. The club began with just three boys’ teams, including 54 players and two coaches. The vision was to create a club culture that would allow players to pursue their dreams to the highest level, including playing in college or professionally, but in a safe and positive environment. The vision included attracting coaches who would follow the same approach to player development, and teams that would follow the same rules and procedures, rather than having a loose collection of assorted coaches and teams following their own approach, as was prevalent in youth clubs at the time. To make the vision become reality, Nazari began adding qualified coaches, players and committed parents who shared the same philosophy.

It was also recognized that to create this club culture and team interaction, the club would need to provide a facility that allowed all of the teams to train in a common, high quality complex where the players, coaches and parents could communicate and share the experience together on a daily basis. Such an atmosphere would also create significant relationships and a feeling of belonging. The vision also required building a strong organization with knowledgeable and qualified people overseeing both the soccer operations and the business operations. In short, the club’s vision meant striving to be at the forefront of youth soccer, and to provide its players with the best opportunities possible to succeed in the sport and in life. With this vision in mind, the Dallas Texans Soccer Club was launched.


Today, through the clear vision, strong structure put in place and quality leadership, the Dallas Texans have attracted many coaches, teams, players and entire clubs. In the Dallas Metroplex, it has grown from 3 teams to over 140 teams, with over 2000 boys and girls players, from age U5 thru U19. Nationally and internationally it has also attracted clubs to join it as affiliates. All together the club and its affiliates currently have almost 700 teams with over 18,000 boys and girls players, and over 300 coaches, both part-time and full-time.

Dallas Texans teams have won every trophy locally and nationally, including numerous League, State, Regional and National Championships.  The club has also won many tournaments in the United States, like the Disney Invitational and the Dallas Cup, as well as several prestigious tournaments around the world, such as the Gothia Cup, Iberia Cup, Dana Cup, Helsinki Cup and Norway Cup.

Each year, almost every player on the club’s top teams goes on to play soccer in college, usually on scholarship. In addition, the Dallas Texans brand is very well known in the professional soccer community. Many of the club’s players have pursued their dream of playing professional soccer by playing abroad, in some of the most successful leagues in advanced football countries, such as England, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Belgium and Mexico, as well as playing in the MLS.

Many of the club’s players have also represented the United States national teams at both the youth and senior levels, including the once captain of the US Men's National Team ,Clint Dempsey.

This success has been built on the basis of the continued enhancement of the club’s vision, which could be broken into the following categories:

  • Coaching Development

  • Culture and Conduct

  • Team and Player Programs

  • Facilities

  • Administration/Business Model.

  • Sponsors


As our history has illustrated, the club’s vision is being realized and our club has grown rapidly. Many would say that the mission is accomplished. However, it is the leadership’s belief that the job has just begun. The world of soccer is evolving rapidly, and there is an increasing number of opportunities available to our players, such as the possibility of playing in overseas training programs and expanding opportunities to play professionally.

The club seeks to remain on the cutting edge of today’s game so that we provide a growing group of players with the opportunities they seek and so that we continue to be as successful in the future as we have been in the past.