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Guiding Values & Principles

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Guiding Values

  • Offer an affordable and quality competitive soccer program
  • Provide a superior professional training staff focused on the players
  • Provide opportunities to compete at all levels of play within each age group
  • Provide superior game and practice facilities
  • Educate and assist our senior players in their endeavors to seek collegiate playing and scholarship opportunities, as well as develop players to compete at the professional level
  • Encourage a high level of cooperation, respect, and maturity among the adults in our club, which will encourage the same qualities in our players



Unity: Teamwork - the understanding that the club always comes first and that the players are part of that program.

Trust: Interdependence - an atmosphere and climate of collaboration
based on honest and open communication and mutual respect.

Discipline: A positive mental attitude - the pursuit of technical, tactical, mental, and physical perfection.

Humility: Selflessness - giving everything you have towards the success
of the team.

Pride: Self-Confidence - to be proud and honored to be a part of the Texans organization.