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The Dallas Texans is one of the most historic youth soccer clubs in the country, and have had more than 100,000+ youth players play for the organization. Many of those players go on to play college soccer with scholarships, play professional (most of any youth club in the country), or find another pathway for their careers.

From the beginning of the clubs inception in 1993, and now 30 years later, one of the main reasons the club has been able to sustain its great successes, lies solely due to the support of its sponsors. Our sponsors have been able to provide scholarships for players who financially otherwise would not have been able to participate, volunteer their time to support the clubs major events, as well help develop one of the most decorated youth soccer facilities in the country, Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.

We thank all the sponsors over the years who have been selfless in their donations to the club. Special thanks to the NIKE organization for making all this possible for our aspiring young athletes!

We always welcome new sponsors offering to assist the next generation of youth players and who have the same vision to support the club, coaches, and ultimately the players to have a successful environment to enjoy the game we all love.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

The Dallas Texans Soccer Club is a non-profit organization with a 501-C3 status. This means any donations can be written off as a charitable contribution or a deductible marketing expense for businesses. After a charitable donation is made, the club will provide it's tax identification number.

To inquire more about donating to the Dallas Texans Soccer Club, please contact Hassan Nazari at 972-741-6452 or

The Dallas Texans Soccer Club is composed of a diverse population of players that spans the entire DFW Metro area. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to aid and support players & their families to have the opportunity to play competitive soccer.

The Dallas Texans annually supports around 130 players per year with the clubs scholarship fund. It spans across 9 to 19 year old players, both boys & girls. The scholarship fund not only assists players with their club fees but their team fees, which allows them to travel to away league games, college showcases, and play-offs.

We are very proud of all the families we have been able to support since the Dallas Texans Soccer Club was founded in 1993.

The Texans operate two facilities that are solely used for the club and soccer events. Our main facility is located in Farmers Branch (Ross Stewart Soccer Complex), and one the other is located in Lewisville (Dallas Texans Soccer Complex).

Ross Stewart Soccer Complex was built in 2007, and upgraded in 2011 with the Embrey Family training Center that holds lockers room, training equipment, and an indoor space, and the Dallas Texans Soccer Complex (Lewisville) was built in 2015/2016.

Many sporting facilities are updated every 10 years for maintenance and to ensure the safest place for the players to play the sport they love. The long term goal of the club is to provide turf fields for players to be able to utilize year round and during/after inclement weather. 

We are always welcoming sponsors to assist the club in the process of continuing to make both facilities the best not only in the DFW area, but the entire country. 

Current Sponsors