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Over the years clubs have approached us to form an affiliation, and share methods that have driven our success. We have formed affiliations when we felt that the potential affiliate shared our philosophy of putting quality soccer and concern for player development first, attracting great coaches and supporting them as the leaders of the organization, and operating with maximum administrative efficiency.

The Dallas Texans Soccer Club is very proud to have affiliations all over the country and around the world. The club and affiliates are working together to provide a safe and educational environment for children to play the sport that they love.

Having now experienced the benefits of a larger organization of affiliated clubs, and with our goals firmly in mind, we have decided to share our philosophy and development methods teamed with our proven success on a broader scale to any club that shares our philosophy.

It is our intention to create a national level cooperative club organization that builds on that philosophy and shares ideas, coaching methods, administrative guidelines and more, to the benefit of all of the clubs in the organization, and their coaches, players, parents, sponsors and other partners.

For more information about Affiliations with the Dallas Texans, please contact President, Paul Stewart at wpstewart7@gmail.com or Executive Director, Hassan Nazari at hassan1@prodigy.net.

  • Name and Brand Recognition – The Dallas Texans are consistently ranked as one of the top clubs in the country on both the boys' and girls' sides. Both boys and girls have been ranked #1. The Dallas Texans name is one of the most highly respected names anywhere in the country.
  • Administrative Assistance – The Dallas Texans Soccer Club is one of the most organized and professionally run clubs in the country. Affiliates' boards, officers, organizations and budgets remain independent but the Dallas Texans Club is available to assist and advise on any operational matter.
  • Sponsorships – With its affiliates, the Dallas Texans organization has one of the largest member databases in the country. This helps all divisions of the Dallas Texans to benefit from major sponsorships.
  • Tournaments – All affiliates coordinate their tournaments and work diligently to support each other. This support can benefit fundraising efforts. Website Upgrade – The Dallas Texans use one of the premier youth sports web designers in the country. This service will become immediately available to affiliates. Please visit www.dallastexans.com for review.
  • Coaching Assistance and Exchange – The primary reason for the success of the Dallas Texans has been the quality of its coaching staff. The Club will help affiliates fill any coaching needs in their staff and provide mentoring and idea exchange. Coaches from the various affiliates will periodically travel to other affiliates to share ideas and to give the players varied learning experiences.
  • Guest Play Opportunities – Players will have the opportunity to guest play with other affiliates as they travel to events nationally and internationally.
  • International Tours – The Dallas Texans' international tours give players from all affiliates the opportunity to travel in Europe and play in prestigious international events in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Spain, and Holland etc.
  • Online Spiritwear Store – The Dallas Texans have created an online store for Texans logo merchandise and other selected items. Each affiliate can easily create its own store with the same merchandise, applying its own division name as desired with the profits going to the affiliate.
  • Exclusive Travel Agency – The Dallas Texans' exclusive travel agency will be available to all affiliates. This agency specializes in soccer travel and can help teams find the most cost-effective arrangements, in some cases, compted rooms for the coaches and other benefits.
  • Exclusive Gear Supplier – The Dallas Texans exclusive uniform and soccer gear supplier will also be available to all affiliates. The organization's combined purchasing power should provide lower costs. Special deals and arrangements with this supplier will be made available to all affiliates.

Current Affiliates

Ottawa South

Please feel free to contact Club Director, Jim Lianos at osugm@osu.ca with your questions regarding Ottawa South.

Visit us at http://www.osu.ca to learn more about the club.


Please feel free to contact Club Director, Brian Cunningham at 254-722-3973 with your questions regarding the Waco Texans.

Visit us at www.wacotexans.com to learn more about the club.


Please feel free to contact Club Director, Rouzbeh Ghotbi at 203-695-6142 with your questions regarding the Austin Texans.

Visit us at https://www.austintexanssoccerclub.com/ to learn more about the club.