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The Dallas Texans, in partner with Premier International Tours, provides a unique opportunity every year taking teams to Europe for players to gain invaluable experience at the international level. Being in that environment against top clubs around the world, and players who eventually will sign professional contracts with their respective clubs, gives players a different perspective about the beautiful game.

Over the years, teams have traveled to some of the biggest international events:

  • Gothia Cup - Sweden
  • Dana Cup - Denmark
  • Helsinki Cup - Finland
  • Norway Cup - Norway
  • Donosti Cup - Spain
  • Iber Cup - Spain/Portugal

Since the beginning, the Dallas Texans teams have competed well against some of the top clubs, but just competing was not enough, they have won numerous championships over the years, even being the first American team to win the Gothia Cup, which is considered one of the best tournaments for youth soccer in the world.

Not only do the teams, players, and families get to experience another level of soccer across the globe, they get to enjoy and explore different cultures. These experiences are something that the players will never forget!

Dallas Texans:

Hassan Nazari

Premier International Tours:

Loek van Zijl

2023 - Dana Cup & Norway Cup Champions

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