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Goalkeeping Overview

In soccer, the goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the team. The goalkeeper’s performance often makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Obviously, such an important player deserves special attention. The only way to build a superior goalkeeper is to develop young talents step by step, and the first step is to lay a stable foundation in communication, game insight, execution, and high tempo.

We refine all the fundamentals that great, young goalkeepers need. We will also target defensive and offensive skills and tactics on the field. We create a learning culture that brings out the passion to take each GKs game to the highest level. The goalkeeping curriculum will include all dimensions of the game: technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

Players will become technically sound, through repetition, progression and evaluation. Players will become students of the game.

"The impact a game changing save has with the momentum of the game separates teams from winning it all, to finishing at the bottom of the table."

The Goalkeeping Program will encompass sessions geared to make sure the GK is in peak form with the focus around:

  • Agility/Fitness drills including plyometrics, resistance training, and endurance
  • Game scenarios to challenge the player both physically and mentally
  • Communication and body language of the goalkeeper which will set the tone for their team
  • The ability to use both feet and hands for optimal distribution
  • Shot stopping and aerial supremacy with crosses and high balls
  • Healthy habits both on and off the field, goalkeeping is a 24/7 way of life
  • A dynamic training environment, a challenging curriculum, a premier level of coaching and progressive skill development through highly designed exercises

The way you keep the heart and soul strong is through high expectations placed upon them by the goalkeeping coach. Through fitness drills, game scenarios, communication, and mental focus ,the goalkeeper can maintain that low positive that keeps everyone in front of them dedicated with one goal in mind. Victory!

Dallas Texans Keeper Training is about developing two things:

  • The technical skills of goalkeeping alongside a tactical understanding of when and how to use them.
  • Communication and leadership skills coupled with the ability to read the game and project a strong presence on the field.

Great care and consideration is taken when planning sessions with the goal of maximizing reps to rest ratios, and duplicating game scenarios in controlled and efficient exercises.

Elements of matches will be incorporated with regards to decision making, technical execution, positioning and communicating in mini games that bring out the competitive spirit and grow a winner's mentality.

Constant positive reinforcement paired with an intense training environment and dedication to individual growth is just a snapshot of what Dallas Texans Keeper Training offers its members.

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