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The Dallas Texans Soccer Club have made significant investments in building two state-of-the-art multi-field complexes for training, games and tournaments, including a clubhouse with meeting rooms and coaches’ lounge, an indoor facility with a small-sided training field, locker rooms and fitness area.

The Club operates and controls both facilities that are solely used for the club and soccer events. One is located in Farmers Branch (Ross Stewart Soccer Complex), and one the other is located in Lewisville (Lewisville Soccer Complex.

Having world class soccer facilities ensures better, more efficient training, as well as greater safety for the players.  These facilities allow the club’s teams from U5 to U19 to train next to each other, helping realize the vision of creating relationships and a common culture, and a sense of belonging among the members of the club.

Ross Stewart Soccer Complex

Built in the Fall 2007, the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex is the home of the Dallas Texans Soccer Club. The complex is located in Farmers Branch, TX and boasts 6 lighted full-sized grass fields. Ross Stewart is utilized as the main training ground for the Dallas Texans teams, and hosts two major tournaments.

The Clubhouse is also located on-site, and features meeting rooms with TV’s for game analysis, Wi-Fi, computers, a staff room, as well as our immense trophy cabinet and a collection of jerseys from Texans Alumni.

In the Spring of 2011, the club completed the construction of the state-of-the-art Embrey Family Indoor Training Center. This includes a small-sided training field, locker rooms and a fitness area.

Embrey Family Training Center

In the Spring of 2011 the club completed the construction of the state-of-the-art Embrey Family Training Center. Located on the premises of the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex, the Embrey Center houses an indoor pitch capable of being used as one large space or split into three smaller ones. It also holds two Locker Rooms and a workout/rehab center

Dallas Texans Soccer Complex

Built in 2014, Dallas Texans Soccer Complex, DTSC, provides our club with 5 grass fields, 3 turf fields and a designated area goalkeeper training. The club also has access to more land at the complex that can be developed in the near future.

points of contact

  • Brandon Wiley

    Phone: 870-833-1274

  • Jim Anglea

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