2024-2025 Dallas Texans Try-Out’s

The Dallas Texans are excited to release the try-out dates for the upcoming 2024-2025 seasonal year!
2023-2024 has been an amazing year for the club and it’s players.

Please see below and read in full all the details relating to the 2024-2025 Try-Out Schedules. Fort Worth Try-Outs end July 1, 2024!

Fort Worth Division Try-Out Schedule – Click Here

The Dallas Texans want to thank all the participants who attended the Dallas Division 2024-2025 Try-Outs!

The club is looking forward to an exciting 2024-2025 seasonal year, and wants to welcome all the new players
and returning players to the club. We wish everyone the best of luck this coming year!

Players still looking for a team or wishing to try-out for the Dallas Division, please contact the age group coach directly. Thank you!